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About Us

Corky Bell Dance Studio’s Beautiful Ballerinas brings dance class to your child’s School! Each class we begin with warm up exercises and stretching. We then move on to teaching the students ballet steps and positions in a fun and exciting way that relates to them in an age appropriate manner. We then introduce ballet, jazz or hip hop techniques using dance terminology to enhance their knowledge of the art of dance. During the dance year we teach the children a routine that they will perform in our professional recital which is held in May. Additionally, students learn technique at ALL ages. Even preschoolers can name and execute specific dance steps. We offer different types of classes depending on the age of the dancer.

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Our Classes

Preschool Ballet

We offer a 30 minute, one day a week class that teaches a mix of ballet and creative movement. Dancers will learn basic ballet steps, and positions while experiencing a fun and creative environment.

After School Hip Hop/Jazz

We also offer a once weekly, 45 minute class that is a combination of Jazz anfd Hip Hop styles of dance.

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