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After School Jazz/Hip Hop Policies

Welcome to Corky Bell Dance Studio’s Beautiful Ballerinas! We are extremely excited to be teaching dance at your child’s after school care program this fall. Dance builds a child’s self-esteem and improves coordination while having fun!

Policies & Class Information

We will be offering a jazz and hip-hop combination class at Alabaster City and Shelby County Schools. This will be a forty-five-minute class that will meet once weekly. 

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Beautiful Ballerinas (6)_edited.jpg
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Beautiful Ballerinas (6)_edited.jpg

Start Date

Classes begin the week of September 5th with the exception of Meadowview Elementary which will start on September 12th.. All students will need to be signed out at pick up. Please be prepared to show Photo ID. 


Tuition is $60 per month. Tuition is due on the fifth of each month. September dance tuition is due upon registration. The first reoccurring ACH payment will be posted on October 5th. All other ACH withdraws will take place on the 5th of each month. Additionally, all dancers will need to be registered online with your school’s community education program. A tab located under "Registration" provides the links to sign up with your dancer' s correct school program. 


Girls should wear “easy to move in clothes” or activewear to school on their dance day. 

Suntan jazz shoes should also be worn. Dance shoes can be purchased at  “Applause Dancewear” located in Homewood or at


We will participate in an end of the year recital held on May 20th at Pelham High School Auditorium. A $65 costume fee is due on November 15th. A $60 recital fee is due on March 15th. These payments will be withdrawn from your checking account on these dates. There is an admission charge of $5 for the recital, however each account receives two complimentary tickets. 


We honor all school holidays. There will be no classes held during the weeks of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring Break Holidays.

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